The Top 10 Best Tech Apps of 2019

It’s no surprise there have been so many advancements in technology today. In fact, we can see them take place at a faster rate than what our ancestors have experienced.

For instance, in only a few decades since its birth, more than 40% of the world’s population now use the internet. Smartphones are commonplace even in third-world nations and video streaming quickly took over traditional cable.

Of course, with technology changing so rapidly it’s important to stay up to date. With the best tech apps and tech news apps, you can keep yourself in the know while on the go, right on your phone. Here are some of the best tech news apps that you can use right now:

1. Drippler

One of the tech news apps you should have on your phone is Drippler. It covers the latest and popular news about the tech industry. It also provides you tips and tricks that you never thought possible with your smartphone.

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What makes this unique is that it scans your network and the smartphone you use. Through that, it will set up content tailor-fitted to your preferences. Instead of getting all the content you might not need or feel interested in, you end up receiving specialized articles filled with tips and news relevant to you.

You can choose to use Drippler for free or you can opt out from ads for about $1.12 a month.

2. Tech News Tube

Next in our list is Tech News Tube, which provides tech news and updates. The app allows you to subscribe to different websites and deliver their content to the app. In essence, this makes Tech News Tube a hub or an RSS Feed for the latest tech news, putting them in one place.

This does not limit itself to articles. It also allows audio content published from your subscribed websites. It even has a dark mode that allows for easier reading, making it less strenuous to the eyes.

3. Appy Geek

Previously, this app was at the forefront as a tech news app. It was a go-to app, providing tech news and updates with slick UI and animations. This is what Appy Geek became known for during its time before it got discontinued.

Upon installation, it provides a whole set of features that you can get started right away. It even comes pre-subscribed to various technology websites. Along with it is the capability to manage your subscriptions in the settings, letting your feed hold your preferences.

However, the app got discontinued. You can still download it through third-party app networks but it won’t receive future updates and optimization options.

Despite this, the people behind Appy Geek released another app in its place.

We will get to more of that on the next item. But this might encourage you to try out app building. You can find out more about how to create an app here.

4. News Republic

The people behind Appy Geek, which we tackled earlier, came up with News Republic. Like its predecessor, it also provides familiar settings like the management of websites subscribed to.

However, the scopes here are a bit broader. This is due to a wider set of categories, making it a news portal with various spreads. Despite this, the tech section provides a solid set of details and tidbits that comes on par with Appy Geek.

You can get News Republic on your Android device for free.

5. Feedly

Compared to the other apps mentioned earlier, Feedly is more of an RSS reader app that allows its users to subscribe to their favorite blogs. You get to see content from your favorite sites through Feedly.

By design, it covers various categories like fashion, health, and so on. You encounter this the first time you open the app but you can choose to focus solely on tech news.

From that point, Feedly will add a number of relevant and reputable sources in a separate folder. Once you have done that, you will start receiving news from reliable sources such as CNET, TechCrunch, and more.

As an app, you can get Feedly for free for your device. You need to go for a subscription to get advanced features like sharing and saving articles to a number of third-party apps.

6. Beebom

Do you like news delivered in a crisp format while within the convenience of your smartphone? Then you should try out Beebom. As an app hailing from the Beebom website, you get to see their content from news and tech updates.

The app comes with convenient features, made evident through its intuitive interface. You can choose to tap Read More to go through the full details of an article or you can swipe right or left to head to a different news item.

It also comes with a Dark Mode option. This allows you to enjoy a sleek looking app while keeping updated with the latest tech trends.

You can get this app for free on Android.

7. Hacker News

As a dedicated go-to source for the tech enthusiast, Hacker News continues to deliver. If you are the type that wants to stay on top of your tech news, Hacker News provides with its social media feed method.

Although this one does not have any native app. This is where the app Materialistic comes in, as it allows you to get a hold of the Hacker News feeds. You can get the Materialistic app on Android for free.

While you are at it, here’s a look of some ADB commands for Android that you might find useful.

8. TechMeme

One of the best tech news app options comes in the guise of TechMeme. Through the years, TechMeme provides relevant tech news for you to stay updated with.

Although in this case, it’s more of a source that works in tandem with any RSS reader, using them as the platform for TechMeme’s content.

Despite this, they provide relevant tech news and updates that you wouldn’t want to miss. You can see this when you visit their website.

9. Medium

Similar to the case of News Republic, Medium covers topics other than Tech. It offers a solid source for tech news as well as tech-related trends. Despite the absence of recognition as a tech app or a tech news app, that is.

Another plus to this is in its capability to let everyone share their views, something that you can also make use of. Give them a look from Android’s Play Store.

10. Flipboard

Another news platform that provides an easy-to-use UI, Flipboard would fall under the same vein as Medium and News Republic. Despite these being the types that cover a broad range of topics, their tech news category can also provide a whole plethora of news and related information.

Consider checking this one out for your smartphone today.

Stay Ahead With These Tech Apps!

With solid and reliable sources for tech news, this should help you in staying on top when it comes to technology trends and updates. Give these tech apps a look and see what fits your style more.

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