tower of Hanoi problem


C program to implement tower of Hanoi problem

To implement tower of Hanoi problem. #include<stdio.h> void hanoi_tower(char,char,char,int); void hanoi_tower(char peg1,char peg2,char pege3,int n) { if(n<=0) printf("\n Illegal Entry"); if(n==1) printf ("\n Move disk from %c to %c", pege1,pege3); else { hanoi_tower(peg1,peg3,peg2,n-1); hanoi_tower(peg1,peg2,peg3,1); hanoi_tower(peg2,peg1,peg3,n-1); } } Void main () { int n; printf("\n Input the number of dise:); scanf("%d", &n); printf("\n Tower of Hanoi […]