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What is the difference between new and malloc?

Here are the differences between new and malloc, Operator new constructs an object (calls constructor of object), malloc does not. Hence new invokes the constructor (and delete invokes the destructor)This is the most important difference. operator new is an operator, malloc is a function. operator new can be overloaded, malloc cannot be overloaded. operator new […]

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C++ program for overloading the unary operator ++.

ALGORITHAM: • Start the process • Invoke the class counter • Crate two objects c1 and c2 • Assign values to c1 an c2 o Call c1.get_count() o Call c2.get_count() • Increment the values o C1++ o C2++ o ++c2 • Print c1 and c2 • Stop the process PROGRAM #include<iostream.h> #include<conio.h> class counter { […]