Heavy electrical device protector

Applications: In monitoring & controlling of power systems such as Transformers, Generators, Motors etc. To analyze the performance of electrical machines. Can be used as a safety device to protect machines from over loading, excessive voltage etc. To make the power distribution system efficient. Recording device/Line parameters. Introduction This unit is used to protect heavy […]


Interfacing 7-Segment Display using lookup table

The Light Emitting Diode (LED), finds its place in many applications in this modern electronic fields. One of them is the Seven Segment Display. Seven-segment displays contains the arrangement of the LEDs in “Eight” (8) passion, and a Dot (.) with a common electrode, lead (Anode or Cathode).


Intelligent Train Engines

The idea is whenever any engine observes a red signal on its track it will start decreasing its speed gradually and stops automatically at some distance from the signal pole. After then when it gets green signal the driver can manually start the train and go on.


Water level indicator cum controller

The present concept implements controlling of pump which pumps water from the sump (underground tank) to the overhead tank, using 8951 microcontroller. The control panel, i.e. the main control unit of the system which consists of the primary control switches, pump indicator, siren and level indicators. The visual example of how switches And the indicators […]


Programmable number lock system

Programmable number lock system is a high security number lock system that can be used to lock electronic devices. The present system is very user friendly. This system is a combination of software and hardware at its best. We have used a 8051 microcontroller kit for interfacing our system.


8051/8951 microcontroller Instruction Set

The instruction set is divided in to 5 categories. They are as follows: Arithmetic instructions Logic instructions. Data transfer instructions. Boolean variable manipulation instruction. Program and machine control instruction. We have listed all the instructions of  microcontroller with description, Bytes, Cycle. Each instructions are explained in the next pages one by one. All instructions are […]


Digital Code lock using AT89C2051

Here is a project called ‘Digital Code Lock using AT89C2051’. LCD is used for display and a keyboard is used to input  the keys. This project source code is written in C. Both the C files and hex files are given for download. A Brief Description: This a simple project with efficient hacking prevention from […]