c program


Program for character stuffing

enter string:
enter position: 8
invalid position,enter again: 3
enter the character: k

frame after stuffing:
dlestx as dle k dle dle dlefgh dleetx


Program for Bit Stuffing

Enter frame length: 10

Enter input frame (0’s & 1’s only):
1 0 1 0 1 1 1 1 1 1

After stuffing the frame is:
1 0 1 0 1 1 1 1 1 0 1

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To calculate area and circumference of the circle

Let us start from the beginning. Here discusses a model program for calculating the circumference and the area of the circle, where the radius is specified by the user. Logic: As we know, Circumference is ‘Pi’ times diameter of the circle and Area is ‘Pi’ times the radius squared. Implementing the same is the main […]


Shuffle game using C++

If you think playing a game as this is a child’s play, try a hand on this and think again. Its all about how you plan on making your next move. All the best, have fun. Here is a simple game developed in C graphics which is called ‘The Shuffle Game’. We believe u have […]


Induction furnace control system

This project is an attempted step towards resolving the manual problems in controlling Induction Furnace and provides control for it, using Artificial Intelligence at a very small scale. The project deals with a simple aspect of giving information about the Induction Furnace and their control. Initially it provided a system release manual power as much […]

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Sorting of numbers

Sorting means arranging a set of data in some order. There are different methods that are used to sort the data in ascending order. Some of the  methods are Selection sort Bubble sort Insertion sort 1. Selection sort Here, to sort the data in ascending order, the 0th element is compared with all other elements. […]