C++ program to implement three classes using multiple inheritance

MULTIPLE INHERITANCES AIM: Write a program to illustrating how all the three classes are implemented in multiple inheritance mode ALGORITHM • Start the process • Invoke the class M • Invoke the another class N • Invoke one more class,ie class P,which is inherited by both M and N • Create an object for class […]


C++ program to print student details using constructor and destructor

CONSTRUCTOR AND DESTRUCTOR AIM: A program to print student details using constructor and destructor ALGORITHAM: 1. Start the process 2. Invoke the classes 3. Call the read() function a. Get the inputs name ,roll number and address 4. Call the display() function a. Display the name,roll number,and address of the student 5. Stop the process […]

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C++ program for implementation of class

AIM: A program to solve a quadratic equation, using OOP techniques. ALGORITHM: 1) Start the process 2) Invoke the classes 3) Get the input for a,b,c; 4) Call the function getinfo() and display() 5) Check if a=0 a) True : compute c/b; i) Print the value of a/c; b) False: compute b*b-4*a*c; i) If ( […]


Lexical Analyzer

Lexical analyzer converts stream of input characters into a stream of tokens. The different tokens that our lexical analyzer identifies are as follows: KEYWORDS: int, char, float, double, if, for, while, else, switch, struct, printf, scanf, case, break, return, typedef, void IDENTIFIERS: main, fopen, getch etc NUMBERS: positive and negative integers, positive and negative floating […]