Authentification of bluetooth using biometrics

Bluetooth is a short – range wireless technology that enables Connectionless communication between devices . Bluetooth Technology redefines the very way we experience Connectivity . The connectivity between the bluetooth – enabled  a device is based on device authentication . The connectivity Does not take into account the authentication of the user . The lack of any means of user authentication coupled with the reliance on device authentication leaves Bluetooth particularly vulnerable to spoofing attacks and the misuse of authenticated devices giving the unauthorized users access of the network using the bluetooth – enabled device . We propose here a solution to the above problem . The solution uses biometric traits of a user for giving access to the ad hoc network of the bluetooth – enabled devices . The paper discusses the framework for user authentication using the biometric technology , when a bluetooth – enabled device is trying to get connected to a bluetooth – enabled network.

authentication of bluetooth using biometrics.doc (451 KB)

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