Mistakes to Avoid When Designing an Office


There are many mistakes that one could possibly make while designing an office. And when these mistakes go unattended to for a long period of time, the results that they will bring into your work space will also be rather negative. Therefore it is good to understand if and whether there are any mistakes in the office space that you have designed and if so, make the right changes that will make sure that you get better results. Here are some of the most common mistakes that people tend to do while designing offices.

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HarshLight That Hurts the Eyes

One of the main issues that can be seen in almost a lot of the offices today is that really harsh and sterile light that will make it look like your face got hit by a meteor shower if you looked in the mirror. That is not good for the eyesight of the employees and it also gives a very hospital kind of vibe to the whole place. What you will need to do instead would be to get the advice of a good trade lighting expert who will tell you what kind of lights need to be installed and how they can be positioned so that it’s more effective. There should also be enough natural light coming into your office during the day because this will help vision and will also just in general give a very positive vibe.

Cutting Costs On Furniture

You should never think about cutting off your overhead costs by getting poor quality furniture in for your office. It is natural for you as the business owner to think that you will need to cut down on your overhead costs somewhere but the furniture that you will be providing for the employees is not the place to do that. You see, when a person sits down at their desk they need to be comfortable, their back and legs and arms need to be supported and they also need to have maximum mobility. All of these will go a long way in ensuring that their productivity remains high and that also they are not harming their health through bad posture. While you need not invest in high end designer furniture that will cost you an arm and a leg there are enough and more places where you are able to buy ergonomic furniture that will really ensure that your employees are comfortable and able to perform their duties in an optimal manner.

Using the Wrong Colours

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Colours have always been associated with the level of energy in and around people who are working. If you look at most offices colours like orange, grey, black, yellow, red, green and blue are in use a lot of the time because these colours have the capability of keeping the energy levels up, motivating people, brightening the area, looking professional and giving more creative energy. You will need to incorporate the right use of colour in your workspace if you are to make sure that the setting is right.

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