Digital IC Tester

Software program for master IC:

setb p2.7
mov r0,#30h
mov p1,#0ffh
mov r7,#01
start:  mov p0,#0                  ;Clear first digit
wait:  setb p1.3                    ;Keyboard interfacing
setb p1.4                   ;Enable all rows
setb p1.5
setb p1.6
jb p1.0,key                 ;Check whether key is pressed
jb p1.1,key
jb p1.2,key
jmp wait                    ;If not, check again

key:   mov r2,#0a0h
d:       djnz r2,d
mov r1,#01                 ;Pressed digit
mov r2,#01
nextrow:cjne r2,#01,nextr1
setb p1.6                     ;Enable first row
clr p1.5                       ;Disable other rows
clr p1.4
clr p1.3
jmp over
nextr1: cjne r2,#02,nextr2
setb p1.5                     ;Enable second row
clr p1.6                       ;Disable other rows
clr p1.4
clr p1.3
jmp over
nextr2: cjne r2,#03,nextr3
setb p1.4                  ;Enable third row
clr p1.5                    ;Disable other rows
clr p1.6
clr p1.3
jmp over
nextr3:  setb p1.3
clr p1.5                   ;Enable fourth row
clr p1.4                   ;Disable other rows
clr p1.6
over:  jb p1.0,col1            ;If key is pressed in particular row, check
jb p1.1,col2            ; for corresponding column
jb p1.2,col3
mov a,#03
add a,r1
mov r1,a
inc r2
jmp nextrow

col1:  jnb p1.0,over
jmp done
col2:  jnb p1.1,over
inc r1
jmp done
col3:  jnb p1.2,over
mov a,#02
add a,r1
mov r1,a
done:  mov a,r1
cjne a,#0bh,enter
mov r1,#0
jmp down
enter: mov a,r1
cjne a,#0ch,down
jmp out
down: mov @r0,r1
inc r0
mov a,#01
xrl a,r7
jz noshift
clr p3.4
mov r2,#0ffh
here: djnz r2,here
setb p3.4

noshift: mov r7,#00
mov p0,r1
wait1: jb p1.0,wait1
jb p1.1,wait1
jb p1.2,wait1
mov r2,#0ffh
delay2: djnz r2,delay2
wait2:  jmp wait

out:   cjne a,#0ch,wait2
clr p2.4
mov r2,#0ffh
here1: djnz r2,here1
setb p2.4
mov a,#0
mov p0,a
out1:  jb p1.0,out1
jb p1.1,out1
jb p1.2,out1
mov a,r0
subb a,#02
mov r0,a
mov a,@r0
swap a
mov r5,a
inc r0
mov a,@r0
add a,r5
mov r5,a
cjne r5,#0,nor
mov a,#1
jmp x
nor:   cjne r5,#02,and
mov a,#2
jmp x
and:  cjne r5,#08,or
mov a,#3
jmp x
or:   cjne r5,#32h,xor
mov a,#4
jmp x
xor: cjne r5,#86h,else
mov a,#5
jmp x
else: mov a,#0fh
x:    mov p2,#00
jnb a.0,nextb1
setb p2.0

nextb1: jnb a.1,nextb2
setb p2.1
nextb2: jnb a.2,nextb3
setb p2.2
nextb3: jnb a.3,ove
setb p2.3
ove:      clr p2.7

end:    jmp end

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  1. ashwinipriya mamidala

    hi i am persuing final year i want to do my project on ic tester using 8052 micro controller, will u please send the detail of my project

  2. Standin.2331

    hi sir , can u send every details about this project . im doing this project for final year . thanks for your help .

  3. hi sir . can u sent me every details about this project . i really need it .

  4. sir there are too many errors in thisprogram…..will u help out with this

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