Digital IC Tester

Thursday, November 20th, 2008

An Integrated Circuit tester (IC tester) is used to test Integrated Circuits (ICs). We can easily test any digital IC using this kind of an IC tester. For testing an IC, we need to use different hardware circuits for different ICs; like we need a particular kind of tester for testing a logic gate and another for testing flip flops or shift registers which involves more complication and time involved will also be more. So here’s an IC tester to overcome this problem. Unlike other IC testers, this is more reliable and easier since we don’t need to rig up different kind of circuits for different kind of ICs, each time we need to test them.

Unlike the IC testers available in the market today which are usually expensive, this IC tester is affordable and user-friendly. This IC tester is constructed using 8951 microcontroller along with a keyboard and a display unit. It can test digital ICs having a maximum of 24 pins. Since it is programmable, any number of ICs can be tested within the constraint of the memory available. This IC tester can be used to test a wide variety of ICs which includes simple logic gates and also sequential and combinational ICs like flip-flops, counters, shift registers etc. It is portable and easy to use.

The block diagram of the programmable digital IC tester is as shown in below. It consists of two 8951 microcontroller ICs, a 24-pin IC socket, a keyboard unit, a display unit and indicators.

To test a particular digital IC, one needs to insert the IC into the IC socket and enter the IC number using the keyboard and then press the “ENTER” key. The IC number gets displayed in the 7-segment display unit.

Four LEDs are provided as indicators. If the IC being tested is a logic gate, then each of the 4 indicator LEDs correspond to the 4 gates of the IC. In any other case wherein the inserted IC is not a logic gate, all the 4 LEDs work as a single indicator.

Digital IC Tester

Digital IC Tester

Digital IC Tester

Digital IC Tester

Block diagram of Programmable Digital IC Tester:

Block diagram

Block diagram

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  1. rohit says:

    can i get the pcb layout pls….
    i need that…

  2. anshujain says:

    sie i need the hex file for the coding of master and slave microcontroleers please…. send it…….urgent……

  3. sunny says:

    I am a student of Electrical Engineering . I have studied and chosen this project as my final year project, I am keenly interested in it. sir I am stuck with the circuit diagram. What I need is the following:
    1)Complete description on how we can interface keyboard and indicator to the 8951 microcontroller
    2) Is this keyboard different from the keyboard of computer, if yes How can I design it?
    3)You have said that this digital IC tester is used to test any ICs and to test a particular digital IC, one needs to insert the IC into the IC socket and enter the IC number using the keyboard and then press the “ENTER” key. The IC number gets displayed in the 7-segment display unit.Here, what part of the IC is tested? please, verify it for me.
    4)Regarding to the above comments I wrote I need your response as early as possible (to mean your reply for what I have asked must be in a short period of time).
    You can send me all the necessary information via my e-mail
    my e-mail
    Thank you!

  4. jack says:

    I need the circuit layout on proteus. Can I get it?

  5. christian says:

    please sir, i need a complete write up of the proceedure of constructing this microcontroler logic gate tester kit.

  6. Nubinsha says:

    hai sir…could u please tell me d components required or just how much it cost to implement d circuit…

  7. priya says:

    I ve selected ur project as my mini project
    I have some doubts
    you have clearly explained how master IC sends info(IC number) to the slave
    but how does slave responses to the master

  8. Nubinsha says:

    is it possible for us to know if an ic is good or bad using dis tester…??or can v just distinguish btw analog n digital ic…??

  9. H J Quinn says:

    On the 8951 IC tester how can you test a 24 pin IC when only 20 pins of the test socket are connected, pins 11,12,13,14 are open.
    when the master program and the slave program are compiled to a hex using MCU8051 IDE errors are generated and compiling is unsuccessful, these errors are ,
    ‘Compiling file: Test1.asm (Master)
    Initializing pre-processor …
    Warning at 0 in Test1.asm: Missing `END’ directive
    Syntax error at 64 in Test1.asm: Invalid set of operands: mov @R0,R1
    Warning at 116 in Test1.asm: Reserved keyword used as label
    Warning at 127 in Test1.asm: Reserved keyword used as label
    Pre-processing FAILED !
    Creating code listing file … -> “Test1.lst”
    1 error, 3 warnings’
    ‘Compiling file: Test2.asm ( Slave)
    Initializing pre-processor …
    Warning at 0 in Test2.asm: Missing `END’ directive
    Warning at 215 in Test2.asm: Reserved keyword used as label
    Syntax error at 172 in Test2.asm: Symbol not defined: b6h
    Syntax error at 175 in Test2.asm: Symbol not defined: dah
    Syntax error at 178 in Test2.asm: Symbol not defined: feh
    Pre-processing FAILED !
    Creating code listing file … -> “Test2.lst”
    3 errors, 2 warnings’
    These are the listings of the errors of both files.
    Can you explain why.

    H J Quinn

  10. Trilok Joshi. says:

    I need ic tester can u give me if yes send me price of it.

  11. Junaid says:

    Dear if anyone has the correct code for ic tester plz send me…as early as possible i hv to submit my project …given code does not creates hex file …
    send me this at ..

  12. Ronak says:

    Hello Sir….
    My final year project is a “Digital IC Tester”. please send me project report and details for programming…..

  13. Pratiksha says:

    sir, i want the pcb layout ,can i get that,plz

  14. disha says:

    awesome circuit. Well i see all people asking for some or the other help for the circuit design or pcb or the code. people try it doing yourself why depend on others, when the author who has presented it could do means it has to be possible to do it yourself right?? .be independent

  15. mohana says:

    i am stuck with the code for ic tester. please send me the code as soon as possible as i have to submit my project in the mid of february….

  16. Mohsin says:

    Hello sir…
    My project is a ” Digital Ic Tester” please send me project report & details for programming……

  17. prashant kumar says:

    hello sir
    my topic is ‘digital ic tester’
    sir can u send me the complete circuit diagram of this project and the coding part…
    its really important..
    if u can, please do…

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