Electronic house

Abstract : To develop security system for houses and to save electric  power.
Scope : This project proposes the development of security system for farm houses and residential houses.

In an extremely mechanized world such as today’s it is necessary to make our life better, convertible and economical. This is the purpose for which the Electronic house is developed.

Electronic house consists of six major units. They are

  1. Remote operated gate control
  2. Automatic gate light, call bell system
  3. Auto adjustable timer unit
  4. Remote operated electrical equipments
  5. Touch sensitive burglar alarm for internal security
  6. Water level indicator and controller in a tank
Model of Electronic House
Model of Electronic House

Remote operated gate control:

This unit is responsible for opening and closing the gates at the pressing of a button on remote transmitter.

Automatic gate light, call bell system:

During day time, this unit generates a musical alarm, when anyone entering the compound of the house. During night time, at the entry of any person through the gate, the compound lights are switched ON together with musical bell.

Auto adjustable timer unit:

This unit can be used to operate an electrical equipment for a fixed period of time. The circuit can be used for street lightning, billboard illumination and water supply to the garden where pump can be set to switch ON at one time and switch OFF at another tome.

Remote operated electrical equipments:

This unit replaces the conventional switchboards. Fans, lights and other equipments can be operated and controlled using remote controlled unit.

Touch sensitive burglar alarm for internal security:

This simple circuit when connected to a metal locker or cupboard generates an alarm when touched by an undesired entity.

Water level indicator and controller:

This indicates the water level in the water tank at four steps F, H, L, E, i.e., Full, Half, Low, Empty. When the tank is empty the unit automatically switches ON the water pump and switches OFF when the water level reaches to full.


This electronic circuit explained above is only a model, and incorporated in a cardboard model house. These circuits can be incorporated, and realized in a large scale.

All the above circuits are expalined in the following pages.

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  1. sir, i m 3rd yr entc student
    i am interested in electronics house project. bt
    Can I make this as mini project? Please give the details. or mail me some another topics for my mini project.

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    I’m impressed with this project so please send me all details of this project immediately.

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    sir,i like E.H. send me more details adout ur electronic house and circuit diagram than total cost of this projuct.pcb layout.i will wait for ur mail so plzzzzzzzzz respn me sir.thank you sir

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    i am intrested in electronic house
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    Hello Sir, I am interested in electronics house project.
    Can I make this as mini project? Please give the details.

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    you have done a wonderful job. Please let me know if you have the layout and pcb details and if possible please mail the same to me on above mail.

    • Man blir alldeles chockad!!! Att det finns sÃ¥dana människor som inte kan unna andra lycka.. sÃ¥dan av.uusjnkad.. som du hemskt nog fÃ¥r erfara.. det är ju helt galet! Usch och fy… tänker pÃ¥ dig!! Massa kramar!!


    How would it be possible to start the motor between specific hours of the day. As you know in city , power supply is available for a certain fix hours . I would like to have some idea from upon this.


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