How to move wordpress site to a new host or new domain?

Step by step procedure to move wordpress site from one server to another or from localhost to server. You can also move the complete website setup from one domain name to another domain name.

Server1: Current server where your wordpress is setup. This can be your localhost also.
server2: The server where you want to move the website.

  1. Login to wordpress control panel of server1 and install the plugin “wp migrate db“. Click here to download the plugin. WP Migrate DB helps to exports your database, does a find and replace on URLs and file paths, then allows you to save it to your computer.
  2. Click Settings->Wp Migrate DB. If you want to move the website from one domain name to another or from localhost to actual domain name, you need to fill Current address and new address. File path is the complete file path of your server. Finally click Export Database to export the database.
  3. Download complete website files from server1 using FTP.
  4. Point the DNS of your domain name to new hosting server. Usually it will take 12-24 hours. Mean while you can continue the below steps. So that when DNS is pointing to new hosting you will be ready with other website setup.
  5. Upload the downloaded files to server2 where your hosting is setup using FTP. 
  6. Open the hosting control panel of server2 and click database management.
  7. Create a new database and users for the database.
  8. Click phpmyadmin from hosting control panel of server2. If there is no option to open PHPMyAdmin ask the hosting provider for the details.
  9. Select the created databse and click import button. Select the downloaded database. Make sure database is uploaded properly.
  10. Now open config.php from server2 root folder and update the database deatails.
  11. You are Done! Brows the website.

Just drop a comment if tyou get any problems to move the website.

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