Microcontroller Student Projects


Water level indicator cum controller

The present concept implements controlling of pump which pumps water from the sump (underground tank) to the overhead tank, using 8951 microcontroller. The control panel, i.e. the main control unit of the system which consists of the primary control switches, pump indicator, siren and level indicators. The visual example of how switches And the indicators […]


Programmable number lock system

Programmable number lock system is a high security number lock system that can be used to lock electronic devices. The present system is very user friendly. This system is a combination of software and hardware at its best. We have used a 8051 microcontroller kit for interfacing our system.


Real Time Clock using CAT89C4051

Hello friends, here is a clock project where CAT89C4051 is used as RTC. LCD is used for display. Using CGRAM area of LCD you cn create cistome characters. Here you will be able to see big and better digits in LCD. The digits are twice the size of the normal digits. PCB design for project […]


Digital Code lock using AT89C2051

Here is a project called ‘Digital Code Lock using AT89C2051’. LCD is used for display and a keyboard is used to input  the keys. This project source code is written in C. Both the C files and hex files are given for download. A Brief Description: This a simple project with efficient hacking prevention from […]


Control your PC with TV Remote

Now you can control your mouse cursor and windows media player with your TV remote… So when you are watching a movie or listening songs on your PC, you need not to get up from your seat to change the volume or to change the track.. you can simply use your TV remote to do […]


Automated multistoried car parking system

Introduction Basic idea Hardware description Display section Keyboard, Indicator & Beeper section Lift & motor section Sensor section LCD section Software program 1.Introduction: Automatic multistoried car parking system helps to minimize the car parking area. In the modern world, where parking-space has become a very big problem and in the era of miniaturization, it is […]


Automatic Railway Gate Control & Track Switching

Present project is designed using 8051 microcontroller to avoid railway accidents happening at unattended railway gates, if implemented in spirit. This project utilizes two powerful IR transmitters and two receivers; one pair of transmitter and receiver is fixed at up side (from where the train comes) at a level higher than a human being in […]


DC Motor Control using IR data communication

Current generation moves into wireless technology. Every one wishes to use remote controls. In this way, the speed of the DC motor is controlled by IR rays. IR rays get modulated with combination of data signal and carrier wave of 38 kHz. At the received end, the modulated signal is demodulated which is given to […]


DC Motor Controlling System using PIC

Now a days DC motors plays a vital role in most of the industrial areas, it can be seen in most of the electronic devices. They are mainly used for the mechanical movements of physical applications such as rolling the bundle of sheets or CD drives, lifts etc. Many methods evolved to control the revolution […]