Software Engineering Projects for Students

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Telerik TV – Win 7 Phone App

Telerik TV   Telerik TV is a Win 7 mobile App uses Telerik Odata and fetches some of the information which the user may be interested. The following are the features on this App View Authors and his blog Information View Channel Information View Video Information   The App shows the panoramic view of Authors, […]


Cyber Cafe Management System

Objective of the projectTo develop an application project to manage the workings of a Cyber Café. This project executed in Saint Mary’s Syrian College, Brahmavar. Introduction:Cyber Café Management is a complete package developed for management of systems in a cyber café. This project is intended to be used in a Cyber Café. All cyber cafes […]


Remote System Monitoring and Controlling via Web based Mobile or Desktop Application

Introduction The idea of remote system monitoring and controlling application is to do some of the actions like ex: Shutdown, Reboot, Hibernate of the users systems remotely. The user can also make use of this application to query additional details of the systems. Consider a scenario where you have a set of systems (Computers) and […]


M-TICKET – Mobile Booking

Chapter 1: INTRODUCTION Nowadays SMS or Short Messaging Service is a major communication alternative. Also, in this modern world all the facilities should be available at our fingertips whenever required, wherever we are. So we thought of developing the “SMS based movie ticket reservation”. The main purpose of our project named “M-TICKET – Mobile Booking” […]

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Design and Verification of a PCI Based System using SystemC

Study about PCI Bus protocol before reading this project 1.1. System Design Introduction: The present design is of a PCI based system consisting of three Masters and six Slaves. The masters communicate with the slaves using the PCI bus. The transaction is governed by the standard PCI bus transaction protocol. Whenever a master needs to […]


Sudoku Solver using C++

You have seen it in the news papers, you have seen it in the magazines or in the web sites, you might have sat hours ‘n hours to solve it. Yes, it is the king of all number puzzles, it is “SUDOKU”. We bring to you the ultimate solution for all your struggles, The SUDOKU […]


Shuffle game using C++

If you think playing a game as this is a child’s play, try a hand on this and think again. Its all about how you plan on making your next move. All the best, have fun. Here is a simple game developed in C graphics which is called ‘The Shuffle Game’. We believe u have […]


Device Switching Using PC’s Parallel Port

Imagine the convenience, if we could control different devices at home/industry by using a single PC. Our project aims at the same and could be used to control the printer power, loads & other household electrical appliances. The circuit comprises decoder, inverter, latch & relay driver sections. To control these equipments we are using PC’s […]


Lexical Analyzer

Lexical analyzer converts stream of input characters into a stream of tokens. The different tokens that our lexical analyzer identifies are as follows: KEYWORDS: int, char, float, double, if, for, while, else, switch, struct, printf, scanf, case, break, return, typedef, void IDENTIFIERS: main, fopen, getch etc NUMBERS: positive and negative integers, positive and negative floating […]


Doctor’s Diary using JSP Technology

This is the model software from We successfully implemented the need and necessary concepts of a doctor, for his stand alone clinic. We hope this software package will definitely help the students, to get an idea about their academic projects. For a doctor, it is absolutely difficult to keep all the details of his […]